Sylvester Stallone Once Left Wife of 25 Years for Mistress Who Claimed He Was Her Kid’s Dad

Sylvester Stallone and his wife have been married for more than two decades, but he almost didn’t marry after he found out he had fathered another baby elsewhere. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary, shining a light on their lovely union.

May 18 may have been a typical day for many other people, but for Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, it is a reminder of the day they exchanged vows.

The couple celebrated their 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Jennifer took to her Instagram page to share a montage of pictures that capture them at different times in their lives.

The pictures melted a lot of hearts but not as much as the words that followed from Jennifer. The gorgeous lady wrote a simple caption that saw her praising Stallone for many things.
She said that even though they’ve been married for over two decades, the marriage just keeps getting better and that she can’t wait to spend eternity with him.

Sylvester Stallone first found love with a woman named Sasha Czack, and when he was 28, on December 28, 1974, he married her.

The pair went on to have two kids, Sage Moonblood and Seargoeh, but the actor’s love for partying plagued their marriage. That was what led to him cheating on Czack with another woman named Susan Anton.

It dealt a massive blow to their marriage, but they kept struggling to raise their Autistic son. As time passed, Stallone became utterly focused on his success and what it meant for him, so he traveled all over the world trying to find an answer until he started missing his family again.

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